Eneida Allison (B.A. 1993, M.A. 2004)

     Project Manager, 3001 Inc, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

Doreen Baker (B.A. 1985)

     Project Manager and Photogrammetrist, 3001 Inc, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

Eric Bock (B.A. 2005)

     Mapping and GIS Technical Support and Training, Navigation Electronics Inc., Lafayette


Deborah Caraway (M.A. 1997)

     Planner I and GIS Administrator, Department of Planning and Development, Mandeville


Katherine Cargo (B.A. 1986, MURP (Urban Planning) 1999)

     GIS Project Manager, Orleans Parish Communications District, New Orleans


Lauren Carollo (B.A. 2007)

     Ocean Optics, Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi


Kenneth Cazaubon (B.A. 1986)

     Project Manager, 3001 Inc,, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

Jerrold Clark, Jr.  (B.A. 2007)

     Geospatial Analyst, Department of Defense, St. Louis, Missouri


Laura Dancer (M.A. 2006)

     Geospatial Analyst, Mine Warfare Division, NAVO, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi


Kathleen Deubler (M.A. 2002)

     Environmental Technician II, Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs, Jefferson


Kevin DiCrispino (B.A. 2000)

     Image Analyst, Institute for Technology Development, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi


Lynn Dupont (MURP 1999)

     Environmental Planner & GIS Analyst, Regional Planning Commission, New Orleans


Bahram Edrissi (B.A. 1999, M.Sc. (Edinburgh) 2001)

     GIS Specialist, Parson's, London, United Kingdom


Heather Evans (M.A. 2004)

     Doctoral Student, Ecology, University of Minnesota


Nicholas Ferina (B.A. 1998, M.S. (Geology) 2002)

     Geologist, USGS Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies, St Pete, Florida


Carol Franze (B.A. 1998, M.A. 2002)

     Research Associate, Department of Biology, University of New Orleans


Erin Glover (B.A. 2001)

     Ground Water Protection Specialist, New Mexico Rural Water Association, New Mexico

Stephen Gonzales (B.A. 1992)

     Project Manager, 3001 Inc, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

Eugene Grace (B.A. 2007)

     3001 Inc., Stennis Space Center, Mississippi

Matthew Griffin (B.A. 2002)
Remote Sensing Specialist with the National Geodetic Survey's, Remote Sensing Division in Washington D.C.

Kevin Hanzo (B.A. 1986)

     3001 Inc., New Orleans

Chris Henton (B.A. 2002)

     Geospatial Analyst, Radiance Technologies Inc., Stennis Space Center, MS


Greg Hymel (B.A. 1994, M.A. 1999)

     Senior GIS Analyst, Geographic Computer Technologies (GCT), Metairie


Elena Janssen (M.A. 2004)

    IT Geo Senior Support Analyst, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, New Orleans


Winchester Jordan (B.A. 2003)

     GIS Coordinator,, Lafayette Parish Assessor’s Office, Lafayette

Karen B. Key (B.A. 1981)

     GIS / Database Administrator, St Tammany Parish Communications District, Covington


Kermit M. Lewis Jr. (M.A. 2002)

     Remote Sensing Specialist, 3001 Inc., New Orleans

Yingchun Li (Sabrina)  (M.A. 2003)

     GIS Specialist, Lake County Chief County Assessment Office. Waukegan, IL


Robert J. Liggio  (B.A. 1996, M.A. 2005)

     GIS Software Engineer, SAIC.  New Orleans.


Luis Martinez (B.A. 2001)

     Remote Sensing Manager, Coastal Research Lab, University of New Orleans, New Orleans


John Marchand (B.A. 1983)

     Engineering Technician, Channel Stabilization, US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District


Gerald T. McNeill (B.A. 1973, M.A. 1998)

     Instructor of Geography and Undergraduate Coordinator, Southeastern, Hammond


Molly McGraw (M.A. 1999, Ph.D. (LSU) 2005)

     Associate Professor of Geography, Southeastern, Hammond


Philip J. Meric (M.A. 1997)

     Database Specialist Evans Graves Engineers Independent Contractor / US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans


Michael G. Metzger  (M.A. 2007)

     Bathymetrist , DOER Marine, Alameda, California.


Tara Montgomery (B.A. 1990, M.S. (South Dakota State) 1994)

     Supervisory Geographer, Mapping and Automation Unit, DOI MMS, Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, Leasing and

     Environment Division


Roxzanna Moore (M.A. 2002)

     Scientist, Commercial Remote Sensing, Lockheed Martin Space Operations


Richard Pelltier (B.A. 1995)

     Rocky Mountain Mapping Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado


Jolie Pollet (B.A. 1993, M.S. (Colorado State University) 1999)

     Supervisory Planner & Environmental Coordinator BLM, Alaska State Office, Anchorage


Clayton Putnam (B.A. 2005)

     Planning & Development IT Analyst, Ronald Wastewater District, Shoreline, Washington


Suzanne Shean ( B.A.  1988, M.S. 1991 Urban Planning)

     Research Associate, Northern Gulf Institute, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi


Caitlin Stone (M.A. 2003)

     GIS Analyst, Infrastructure and Business Operations, NAVAIR, China Lake, California


Willa (Jeanie) Kern Taliancich  (M.A. 2001)

     Adjunct Instructor Tulane University, New Orleans






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