Faculty Research Highlights

Peter Yaukey directs Geography Field Methods business recovery study

Dr. Yaukey directed a Geography Field Methods curbside survey of the rebuilding status of 2,500+ business on 21 major commercial streets in the flooded areas of Orleans and St. Bernard parishes.


Results indicate that 59% of commercial enterprises are open for business.  Some streets with less than half of their business open include St. Bernard, St. Claude, Bullard, Crowder and Lake Forest Aves. in New Orleans. Four streets with 70% or more of their businesses restored are the I-10 Service Road in New Orleans East, Carrollton and Elysian Fields Aves. and, in St. Bernard, Paris Road.  On 57% of the streets surveyed, 20% or more of the pre-Katrina businesses are derelict.


The curbside evaluations of all businesses on the selected streets were done between February and April 2009. Classifications were as follows:


Derelict: Structure still present, but no evidence of renovation beyond gutting;

Empty lot: Structure removed; often contained a remnant foundation;

Renovating: Evidence of reconstruction, such as presence of building materials;

Finished: Appearing restored or rebuilt but not yet open for business; Open for business


Commercial streets were selected for inclusion based on examination of pre-storm aerial photos. The streets with the most commercial development in the two parishes were included in the study.


Streets between Claiborne Avenue and the Mississippi River were not included in order to focus on the areas flooded during Hurricane Katrina.


Project participants included geography students and senior undergraduates Renee Agnelly, Marko Allain, Ian Brisco, James Coleman, Christina Duggar, Ruth Guymon, Chad Netto, Kevin Nguyen, Kaleigh Pitre, Stuart Ponthier and Mark Williams.



Mahtab Lodhi receives sustainable growth grant


In 2007 Dr. Lodhi received a grant for a smart growth education project for Tangipahoa, Washington, St. John and St. Tammany Parishes.  For more information on the project visit the website below:


Louisiana Remote Sensing and Sustainable Growth