Geography News

Congratulations to our Dec 2009 graduates!



                             Ian Michael Brisco

                             Kaleigh Erin Pitre






Congratulations to our May 2009 graduates!



                             Marco Labosterie Allain


                             Kevin Hoang Nguyen


                             Stuart Ponthier


                             Mark Leon Williams Jr.


                    Angela Pelkie Maki

                       Thesis:  Effects of Air Temperature and Lake Ice on Snowfall on the South Shore

                        of Lake Superior


                    Brandie Shauntelle Mitchell

                        Thesis:  Trinkets Left By Katrina:  How Changes to New Orleans’ Landscape

                         Have Led to Personal Attachment


                    Jeffrey Joseph Varisco

                        Thesis:  Multitemporal Imagery Based Analysis of Urban Land in St. Tammany

                         Parish in Conjunction with Socioeconomic Data

Congratulations to our August 2009 graduates!



                             James Edward Coleman



                    Lynn Ferrara Brien

                       Thesis:  Geospatial technologies and privacy


                    Sam Lawrence Briuglio



                    Lauren Michelle Childs

                       Thesis:  A New Orleans State of Crime:  Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Shifting

                       Homicide Patterns in Post-Katrina New Orleans, LA


                     Jacquelyn Ann Marchand

                        Thesis:  Levees, Urbanization and Public Perception:  Implications for

                        Southeast Louisiana Wetlands


                      Kate Austin Woods


Congratulations to our May 2010 graduates!



                             Renee Agnelly


                             Rebecca Marchand


                             Chad Netto


                             Angela Singletary


                             Steven Stevens


                             Justin Townsend




Congratulations to our May 2011 graduates!



                         Alicia Manuel       



                   Colleen Able



                   Amanda English



                    Brian Epstein



                    Mark Mitchell



Congratulations to our Fall 2010 graduates!



                             Andrew Evans


                             Ian LaCour